Dec 20

Is Mobile Internet the Best Internet for Online Gaming in Rural America?

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Avid gamers in rural America have a dilemma: how can someone in rural America get a rural Internet service provider that can handle the rigors of online gaming? It is already difficult to find high-performance Internet for rural areas because of the lack of adequate infrastructure in rural communities. It seems even more challenging to find an Internet provider that can handle the high demands of online gaming.

The best Internet for rural gaming would have to be fast, reliable, and free from latency. Many urban and suburban households with dedicated online players use fiber optic Internet for the best results. However, rural America’s infrastructure issues have made broadband Internet services scarce and impractical for many rural communities. Instead, many rural residents have resorted to alternatives such as dial-up from companies such as AOL, satellite Internet from companies such as Viasat, and mobile 4G Internet from companies such as UbiFi.

If you need rural Internet for online gaming, dial-up and satellite Internet are out of the question. These types of Internet services have inconveniently high levels of latency, which causes lag and rubberbanding while playing online games. If you want to play without irritating interruptions that ruin your play and cause you to lose to less skilled players, mobile 4G Internet from a company like UbiFi may be your best choice. UbiFi and other mobile Internet companies use cell towers throughout rural America to provide an Internet signal, which allows them to provide wireless Internet without the delays that satellite Internet frequently experiences. Be sure to find a mobile Internet company that does not enforce data caps or charge overage fees in case you need an extra data boost for resource-intensive games.

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