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Everything You Need To Know About Colocation Data Centers

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Any sizable datacenter that lends out rack space to outside companies for their servers or other network equipment is known as a colocation data center, or simply a “colo.” Businesses that might not have the funds necessary to run their own data center but yet want to reap the benefits employ this highly popular service.

What Is Colocation?

Colocation covers a number of features of this kind of data center. The phrase first refers to the ‘co-location’ of servers and other equipment from numerous companies in a single data center. The hardware is often owned by the business, and the data center staff only houses and maintains it .

It also alludes to the idea that a business’s equipment may be spread out over several locations. For instance, they might have servers spread over three or four colocation data centers. This is crucial for businesses with wide geographic reach that want to ensure that their computer systems are situated close to their actual offices.

Server Racks And Colocation Data Centers: What’s The Difference?

Make sure you know the contrast between a full colocation data center and a colocation server rack when looking at colocation data center possibilities. Although the terms are occasionally used interchangeably, a colocation data center is a facility that is leased in its entirety by a data center company to another business. On the other side, a colocation rack occurs when several businesses rent rack space within a data center.

The majority of businesses will be seeking for colocation server racks so they can get the space they require at a reasonable price. Professionals such as Electric Kitten offer server hosting in Los Angeles.

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